Features and Gallery

Aptera is unlike any other vehicle being manufactured today. Superbly engineered with energy efficiency first and foremost, it's the first electric vehicle to make solar mobility practicle. Here are some of its unique features.

  • Travel up to 1000 miles on a single charge
  • Up to 40 miles of solar powered driving per day
  • Can accelerate up to 0-60 mph in 4 seconds
  • 32 cubic feet of storage space
  • Priced starting at $25,900

360 Experience

Dreaming of being behind the wheel of an Aptera? With our 360 Viewer you can virtually sit in the driver seat. Scroll around to get a view of the interior from any angle, or click the Compass Icon for a more immersive experience!

Augmented Reality Experience

Want to know what an Aptera would look like parked in YOUR driveway? Use our AR Viewer and your compatible iOS or Android device to place a full scale virtual Aptera vehicle right in front of you and do a complete walk-around. You can even capture photos and videos of the experience!

Virtual Reality Experience

Visit a virtual Aptera showroom with your Oculus/Meta Quest VR headset for a truly immersive experience. Just open this web site using your headset's web browser and press the on-screen VR button, no app installation required. Other VR experiences include visiting the historic Pininfarina Wind Tunnel to witness the amazing aerodynamics of the Aptera design, or customizing the Aptera with a color vinyl wrap of your choice, or doing a hot lap with the Aptera Union Edition on the Yas Marina Circuit F1 race track in UAE.

Pre-Order your Aptera

Join the thousands of people who have committed to a sustainable future by pre-ordering an Aptera vehicle today. Visit the Aptera web site and use our referral code via the link below to save $30 off the regular reservation price of $100. Vehicle deliveries are estimated to start in early 2025.